Pouring All Candles!!!

Pouring All Candles!!!

Friday, March 31, 2017


Lori Pickail


  1. Mantiques for the Mancave
    26 May, 2017
    Mantiques for the Mancave
    Mantiques for the Mancave  Questions & Answers What is a Mantique? Answer: Manly antiques and vintage collectibles which appeal to men.  Where do you put  mantiques? Answer: In a mancave, bachelor pad, garage or his private office. What are examples of mantiques? Answer: Antique/Vintage wares such as  Shaving memorabilia, old tools & tool boxes, toys, tobbaciana & barware, vintage advertising signs and products, coal buckets & oil cans, taxidermy, tins, pocket knives, typewriters, toby
  2. Mamma Mia! Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts!
    12 May, 2017
    Mamma Mia! Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts!
    Mamma Mia! Last minute Mother's Day Gifts!  I have created boxes of vintage small treasures that are ready to give! Bring your child in to pick out a little surprise for Grandma or tuck one into the gift bag for Mom! They range in price from $15-25! And they are unique, one of a kind interesting surprises! I still have some succulents planted in vintage glass, pottery & tea cups. This is my third year offering them and they are very popular and a pleasant gift that keeps giving (growing) New
  3. Moms, Grads, and Gift Ideas
    28 Apr, 2017
    Moms, Grads, and Gift Ideas
    Moms, Grads, and Gift Ideas. Moms  Grads  Gift Ideas     Save the Dates!! Upcoming Events I am participating in: May 4th Ladies Night Skyline Clubhouse Ringwood NJ May 6th Multi-Vendor Pop-Up for Mother's Day in the Store! 1141 Greenwood Lake Tpke Ringwood NJ May 20th Cooperstown NY  Craft Fair Doubleday Parking Lot Sunday June 11th The Vintage Market  Ringwood Manor Ringwood NJ Hope you can join us!!!
  4. Flower Power!
    24 Mar, 2017
    Flower Power!
    Although Spring is being illusive with us this year, as if Mother Nature is playing hide and seek – it is still right around the corner. And so are Spring Flowers!  As is weddings, bridal showers, and graduations...... Flowers are the universal gift for all occasions. And what better way to gift them, then in a beautiful keepsake Vase?  Vintage Vases come in many shapes, forms and materials.  There's  something that will fit any budget as well as any décor.  They are often given as wedding
  5. Vintage Baby
    03 Mar, 2017
    Vintage Baby
    Vintage Baby     ​  Whether you are decorating a baby’s nursery, drawn to collect, or just looking for an unusual baby shower gift, vintage baby gifts are sweet and fun.  For me, their appeal is all very nostalgic- taking me back to that magical time, when my children were born, fond memories, now that I’m an empty nester. But, you do not have to have a baby to collect these enchanting pieces- they blend into many a décor, and add pops of whimsy! For example, vintage baby’s toy bunny
  6. Let’s Talk Vintage Books……..
    22 Feb, 2017
    Let’s Talk Vintage Books……..
    Let’s Talk Vintage Books…….. Here is a large selection of beautiful vintage coffee table books that provide interesting décor as well as inspirational food for thought…Most of them are art and photography. All of them are filled with captivating words and imagery; one never gets tired of getting “lost” in! They also provide colorful décor on the bookshelf! And a neat trick is to use them stacked up to elevate a table lamp stylishly! These books are in great condition and have appealing
  7. The Magic of Milk Glass
    30 Nov, 2016
    The Magic of Milk Glass
    Hello Friends! As we aproach the busiest time of year, the holiday season, I want to talk about......of all things (well not really, it makes perfect sense) MILK GLASS!! You all know what Milk Glass is and you all may even have a piece or two....your Mother might have.....your Grandma, definitely! Heres what I think the Magic of Milk Glass really is......its that timeless, ageless and crisp beauty with the ability to transcend every era.....including our own current one!  Milk Glass can look
  8. The Art of the Gift
    02 Nov, 2016
    The Art of the Gift
    Today I want to talk about gifts......with the rapidly approaching biggest gift holiday of the year, right around the corner. So what can you do different this year? How can you stay out of the throngs of people who are coughing & sneezing in your space? How can you avoid the lines, the hunt & battle for a parking spot, the overloading of your credit cards.......the dreaded last minute frenzy..... OK-so you can shop online.....and thats cool-you can lounge on your couch, in your pajamas and I
  9. My First Blog Post--Thinking Outside the Box
    21 Oct, 2016
    My First Blog Post--Thinking Outside the Box
    I've always wanted a Blog....so here I go...... I own an antique shop. But not just antiques.....as you can see on my website, antiques, vintage, retro and so MUCH more. I think of it as a Gift Shop mostly. I pour my own candles......in vintage glass & other vessels. I carry amazing handmade soap made by a woman in Maine, all of which I will discuss in future posts. But I LOVE love LOVE, to make gift baskets, incorporating all these beautiful, unique and one of a kind things!  In the past, I've